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Dear visitor,
My name is Adrien, I was born in France in 1989. I live and work in Rotterdam (Netherlands) as graphic designer. I focus on editorial design, identities and web design. I have a weakness for moving typography. I am inspired by improvised music and cinema. I believe that in every piece of work there is a part of improvisation, things we decide with feeling and intuition, dealing with pressure, restrictions, surroundings, people, at a specific time and place. Therefore design decisions are all unique.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions, exchange or interest to work together.
0031 6 30 89 95 27
Delftseplein 36 Unit 3.05

This website was self designed and programed, with more than "a little help from my friend" Joost deNooy.



– Freelance work for Simon Davies, designer in Rotterdam. Current (when needed). Assistance on design projects (Annual report design and signage design for Foto_Museum Winterthur; Exhibition maquette design for Boijmans Museum Rotterdam).

– Book design and picture editing for a photography book. April, May 2016. Commissioned by Flaviu Cacoveanu, Romanian artist.

– Book design for a collection of writings by Italian sociologist Vittorio Rieser. April, May 2016. Commissioned by Stefano Boffo. In collaboration with Giacomo Boffo.

– Campain and visual identity for Open Set Design Summer School, cultural academic event in Rotterdam. February to April 2016. Commissioned by Stichting Open Set. In Collaboration with Irina Shapiro.

– Campain and visual identity for Open Set Design Seoul Session, cultural academic event in South Korea. October to November 2015. Commissioned by Stichting Open Set. In Collaboration with Irina Shapiro.

– Website concept & design for writer and sociologist Evelien Amende. Current project in collaboration with Editor Max Bruinsma.

– Freelance work for Kristin Metho, graphic designer in Rotterdam. Assistance on book design, layout and typography.

– Freelance work for Antenna-Men, graphic design studio in Rotterdam. April 2015. Assistance on book design, layout and typography.

– Corporate animation film for NRG company. March 2015. In collaboration with animation studio Urrebuk in Rotterdam.

– Assitance to Simon Davies, graphic designer in Rotterdam. October 2014 to August 2015. Assistance on two book designs and two visual identities.

– Design for a Master graduation catalog, and exhibition. Book design and identity. In collaboration with Emmy van Thiel. June 2014. Comissioned by Akv St Joost, Breda.

– Poster design for the “Dag van de Filosofie” in Tilburg. April 2013.

– Intern at Roosje Klap Studio, graphic designer in Amsterdam. June to September 2010. Assitance on one magazine concept, two book designs, one visual identity.

– Intern at H5 Studio, in Paris. February 2010 (Five weeks).

– Intern at SupaSuga Studio, in Paris. June to July 2008 (Seven weeks).



– Two years master course in graphic design. 2011 to 2013. AKV St-Joost in Breda, Netherlands.

– Two year post-graduate course in graphic design. 2009 to 2011. Applied Arts School of Burgundy (ESAAB) in Nevers.

– Two year post A-level course. 2007 to 2009. BTS visual communication passed in june 2009 at the ESAAB in Nevers.

– French Baccalaureate. 2004 to 2007. Passed in june 2007. This examination is the french equivalent of British A-levels and US High School graduation. I specialized in Applied Arts.

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By the way, the letters on my business card mean "OUTSTANDING CREATIVITY".

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