Railways was an experimental project in the context of my master studies. What if infographics would move, and become therefore untertaining, for people waiting in train stations? Three alternatives were proposed to visualize the trains activities, their interactions within a certain network, crossings, stations stops... as it would be a simplistic mind game. It can be done like a moving map, a vision through the window of a train, or simply as a quantitive "loading" infographic. The three videos represent 18 hours of the same train network.




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Dear visitor,
My name is Adrien, I was born in France in 1989. I live and work in Rotterdam (Netherlands) as graphic designer. I focus on editorial design, identities, web design, poster design. After four years of design studies in France, I moved in the Netherlands for a Master. Since graduation, I have worked as freelancer and assistant to other designers in Rotterdam. Cinema and music are a great source of inspiration.

Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions, exchange or interest to work together.

0031 6 30 89 95 27
Graaf Florisstraat 106B

This website was self designed and programed, with more than "a little help from my friend" Joost deNooy.



– Freelance work for Volya Films, a film production company based in Rotterdam. Current. Design work for movie posters, press kits, DVD covers, visual concepts, editorial folders...

– Web design for two photography online archives. January, February 2018. Commissioned by Erik Boker, American artist based in Rotterdam.

– Web design for an artist' online portfolio. February, March 2018. Commissioned by Lavinia Xausa, Italian artist based in Rotterdam.

– Editorial design and picture editing for a photography book. October, November 2017. Commissioned by Mihai Gui, Romanian artist based in Rotterdam.

– Freelance work for Simon Davies, designer in Rotterdam. Current (when needed). Assistance on design projects (in 2016: Annual report design and signage design for Foto_Museum Winterthur; Exhibition maquette design for Boijmans Museum Rotterdam...).

– Editorial design and picture editing for a photography book. April, May 2016. Commissioned by Flaviu Cacoveanu, Romanian artist.

– Book design for a collection of writings by Italian sociologist Vittorio Rieser. April, May 2016. Commissioned by Stefano Boffo. In collaboration with Giacomo Boffo.

– Campaign and visual identity for Open Set Design Summer School, cultural academic event in Rotterdam. February to April 2016. Commissioned by Stichting Open Set. In Collaboration with Irina Shapiro.

– Campaign and visual identity for Open Set Design Seoul Session, cultural academic event in South Korea. October to November 2015. Commissioned by Stichting Open Set. In Collaboration with Irina Shapiro.

– Freelance work for Kristin Metho, graphic designer in Rotterdam. Assistance on book design, layout and typography.

– Freelance work for Antenna-Men, graphic design studio in Rotterdam. April 2015. Assistance on book design, layout and typography.

– Corporate animation film for NRG company. March 2015. In collaboration with animation studio Urrebuk in Rotterdam.

– Assistance to Simon Davies, graphic designer in Rotterdam. October 2014 to August 2015. Assistance on two book designs and two visual identities.

– Design for a Master graduation catalog, and exhibition. Book design and identity. In collaboration with Emmy van Thiel. June 2014. Commissioned by Akv St Joost, Breda.

– Poster design for the “Dag van de Filosofie” in Tilburg. April 2013.

– Intern at Roosje Klap Studio, graphic designer in Amsterdam. June to September 2010. Assistance on one magazine concept, two book designs, one visual identity.

– Intern at H5 Studio, in Paris. February 2010 (Five weeks).

– Intern at SupaSuga Studio, in Paris. June to July 2008 (Seven weeks).



– Two years master course in graphic design. 2011 to 2013. AKV St-Joost in Breda, Netherlands.

– Two year post-graduate course in graphic design. 2009 to 2011. Applied Arts School of Burgundy (ESAAB) in Nevers.

– Two year post A-level course. 2007 to 2009. BTS visual communication passed in june 2009 at the ESAAB in Nevers.

– French Baccalaureate. 2004 to 2007. Passed in june 2007. This examination is the french equivalent of British A-levels and US High School graduation. I specialized in Applied Arts.

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